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Retirement Planning

Retiring federal employees need to know how to make the most of complex federal benefits. Matt McDonald helps them evaluate their options and confidently plan their retirement transitions. With Matt’s insight, what seems complex becomes simple.

Getting started.

Being prepared is the key. Your civil service career should end with no "loose ends" - no lingering financial issues you don’t have the answers to. Matt can help you find the answers to major and minor retirement questions.

When should "the big day" come? How much time should you give yourself before you retire? Matt can help you set your retirement date so that you may retire with a better tax picture, and a chance to take greater advantage of your sick leave balance, COLA increase and TSP funds. He can also help you prioritize things, so that you have an orderly way to take care of income, insurance and estate planning.

Moving forward.

As the pages of the calendar turn, Matt can help you address any new financial and lifestyle questions and see that you have adequate finances until your annuity checks arrive. He can check up with you to see that you have filled out your FERS/CSRS form, your designation of beneficiary form, your direct deposit form and other necessary paperwork.

Making the change.

Retirement from a federal career is difficult to "undo," so you want to have everything set as you leave your civil service job: your sources of income, your tax reduction strategy, your investment strategy and plans for savings protection. Matt can assist you to put all this into place, so you can use this financial foundation to create and support the lifestyle you want to live.

You may contact Matt today - he is ready and willing to help you retire.