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Federal Benefits


Someday - perhaps someday soon - you will conclude your civil service career and look to new horizons.

When that happens, will you have the income and savings to do what you want to do? Will you have a plan in place to help your money keep growing?

Education for your benefit.

Matt McDonald has received the designations of Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor. Matt can offer you a retirement analysis coordinated with your pension benefits, to help you transition smoothly to the next phase of your life.

Choices clearly explained.

Even if you have attended a retirement workshop, you probably still have unanswered questions about the future. Matt can provide the answers you need.

He can help you find out which federal retirement programs you qualify for and your eligibility date. He can estimate your future income needs and assist you to identify and evaluate the different options you have with your TSP account, Basic Benefit Plan, FERS/CSRS annuity and Social Security benefits.

Additionally, he can advise you about survivor annuity election and insurance choices, and the impact of a change in status on your benefits and your job.